My first post on my first real blog!

Truth be told, my previous site was sort of set up like a blog, in the sense that I could write things from time to time. I called it the "News" section. However, there was no space for interaction. No web-2.0-ness at all. I had become bored with it and only updated it out of guilt.

I'm expecting that I'll be much, much more current with this version. It's still really a work in progress. Things aren't totally working properly, as it's only the 2nd WordPress theme I've made… and I just had to launch it on the day my computer went into the shop (brilliant!), so I'm writing this from the wifey's Powerbook.

As you can see from the icons at the top of the page, this is not just about me as a drummer/composer anymore. I decided to make it about me as a whole. If you didn't already know, my life is a bit of a juggling act between these different aspects. The way this will work (once I get my laptop back) is the icons relate to categories the blog posts are filed under: drums, music, design, mac-nerdiness, espresso, and miscellaneous. This one is filed under misc. so there is a question mark next to it (as in "where the hell should I file this?"). If you click on any of the icons you will see all the posts in that category. Of course, I'll need more posts for that to work.

The main reason I created this blog was due to Twitter. I became accidentally hooked on it. I've always enjoyed writing, but 140 characters is a challenge, which can be both fun and exasperating. I decided to give myself a little more room to stretch out. Plus, after I had set one up for my wife, Sunna Gunnlaugs, I had to have one for myself.

I'm really looking forward to the whole process of blogging, both creating the content and hearing from the readers.

4 Responses to “My first post on my first real blog!”

  1. Ian Carey says:

    You should listen to some more Brad Mehldau.

  2. I try to listen to as much of "the dau" as possible, but there are only so many minutes in the day.

    Congrats again on the new CD. Can't wait to get me one!

  3. Andres Thor says:

    Hi Scott, this blogging seems like fun. I am anxious to read about music and drums and coffe and stuff… :-)

  4. Thanks Andres. I'm working on some actual blogging right now, not just the pretense of a blog. It's harder than I thought.