Another Album in the Works

Since moving to Iceland, I've been collecting material for another album. Ironically, the closer I get to the recording date, the more ideas I get for new tunes.

I was scheduled to record late last month at Sundlaug (the Sigur Rós studio), but they had a pipe burst which has put them out of commission for a while. This lead to some other developments: I felt more comfortable bringing in new material for the band, I switched studios, and I feel more prepared for the recording. We are going to record next week in Salurinn, the concert hall in Kópavogur where we recorded "Long Pair Bond." Engineer Kjartan Kjartansson will be with us again, and I'm hoping this will be an extension of the LPB sound.

I can't put into words how excited I am about recording another album of my own. It's about time.

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