Get Money Out

Whatever your issues with the US Government (and we all have them), whatever your political affiliation or lack thereof the one thing most all Americans can agree on is that politicians in Washington are under the influence of money, lots of money. Democrats and Republicans routinely accused each other of spending more time fund-raising than doing their job, and they're both right.

No matter what your issues are that you wish Congress would act on, it won't. It won't act on anything you care about. Not unless you're a major contributor to their campaign. Not unless they owe you.

The only way to fix this broken system and restore Democracy is a Constitutional Amendment banning or severely limiting campaign contributions, and since we know that Congress will never propose (let alone vote on) anything that would interrupt cash flow to their "industry," the only way to do it is through a Constitutional Convention.

A Constitutional Convention can convened if 34 states call for it. Check out Lawrence Lessig's explanation here:

Dylan Ratigan has been using his show as an unprecedented form of activism pushing for this Constitutional Amendment and has created a petition which is gathering serious momentum. It really is the only way out of the mess we're in. The money in politics is completely out of control in America and it sabotages any hope of a functioning Democracy.

So, whether you're a Democrat, Republican or none of the above, go sign the petition right now and show Washington that the citizens can fix the system in spite of them.

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