Missing Motian

When I heard the news that Paul Motian died, I was stunned. Somehow it took me by surprise. I was surprised even having heard that his health was not good and he had cancelled some gigs. Even with that knowledge it still seemed as if he would come back. I even hoped he would start touring again and that I could convince the Reykjavik Jazz Festival to bring him here. It seemed as if he would always be there.

Even more than the surprise I felt over the news was my surprise at my own reaction. I've been doing this long enough to see the passing of many of my heroes, but hearing this news was different… and at first I didn't know why.

It felt as if I'd lost someone I knew, yet I'd never met Motian, not even briefly. Of course I'd seen him play on countless occasions, but while I was able to summon the courage to introduce myself to other drummers I admired, Motian seemed untouchable. His dark sunglasses and the fact that he barely ever spoke onstage certainly factored into that. Yet for all his mysterious aloofness, somehow he connected with me in a way that was deeper than I ever knew. Continue reading »

Going Solo

As previously mentioned, I was asked to perform on Drummer Day in Reykjavik this past Saturday (Oct. 16) and I accepted, of course. I also made the decision to play solo, all by my lonesome, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time. But it's one thing to entertain thoughts of maybe one day playing a solo recital, and quite another to entertain a hall full of drummers.

I needed a plan (not my forte, truth be told). Continue reading »

Look Ma, I'm Drummer of the Week!

It is my extreme honor to announce that the Icelandic drumming website trommari.is has chosen me as "Drummer of the Week." I was interviewed via email, and while the entire site is in Icelandic, I of course did the interview in English and had my loving wife translate it for me. I've decided to post the English version here for you curious types.

Much thanks to Halldór Lárússon and trommari.is and I look forward to performing on their "drummer day" October 16th.
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Drums, Actually

This is my first post in the "Drums" category" which is why it gets that cute little drumset icon. In a way, I think I might only be writing it to put the icon to use. Forgive me for rambling, but I've never written about drumming before. I've written about experiences on the road and music that I've played. I've even blogged about my obsession with espresso, but not my instrument.

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